Pro Services

For every newly established business, a consultant or a consulting firm is necessary, in order to have a successful start. But the consultancy services continue to be vital for every kind of business, even after a smooth launching. These services are known as PRO services.

To this category of services belong: employment visa processing, employment visa renewal, employment visa cancellation, family visa processing, family visa renewal, family visa cancellation, maid visa processing, maid visa renewal, maid visa cancellation, medical for (employees, families and maids), emirates ID for (employees, families and maids), Trade license renewal, Labor and immigration cards, Attestation of Documents (Chamber of Commerce, Foreign affairs, Ministry of Justice and notary etc.)

If you don’t have the right knowledge about business environment of UAE, you could easily encounter bureaucracy and simple processes and procedures can last many days or even weeks for no reason.

Legal transactions with Government departments in UAE, like Ministry of Labour, Department of Naturalization & Residency, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Economic Department, Municipality etc. can be done simply and rapidly with our assistance.

Our PRO services are covering all the ministries, departments and regulatory authorities of Dubai and other UAE Emirates. With a long experience in the field of consulting and business environment of UAE, we offer all the services that will help you reduce the time spent on bureaucracy.


  • Commercial License Renewal.
  • Trade License Renewal.
  • Resident Visa for dependents ( Spouse, Children, Maids, Drivers)
  • Company Immigration Card and Labour Card Processing Services.
  • Approvals from Ministries and Departments.
  • Documents verification and attestation by relevant authorities, including embassies and consulates.
  • Processing new employment visa, Renewal, Work permits and Visa Cancellation.
  • Processing documents in Labor/Immigration/Economic and other Government Departments.
  • Processing medical fitness test papers.
  • Partner Visa formalities.
  • Emirates ID typing – Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Sharjah.


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