Main Land Company Formation

United Arab Emirates constitute the top destination in the world to begin or expand your business. World class investors and entrepreneurs choose UAE mainly because of the unique business opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Except of all the free zones being offered in UAE, it’s a very profitable idea to establish a business in the main land.

offshore dubaiEach business in the mainland of UAE is enrolled in government of the emirate that belongs, with the limitation of commercialized geographical areas. The structure of the LLC companies follows the policies and the laws of the government towards its developed economy.

Department of Economic Development (DED) provides all the required documents and licenses for the starting and installation of a new business. During the last years, DED has facilitated all the procedures by acting like one window service.

If you wish to establish a business in the mainland, you will need an international specifications consultant who masters the business field of UAE, in order to succeed. In industrial and commercial companies a local sponsor is needed and he will hold maximum number of share (51%) and the remaining only (49% share) will be for expatriates. A local service agent is necessary for efficient company development, where expatriates are permitted to hold all the shares of the company. We provide you with a local experienced sponsor who gives you all the freedom you need to do your business in your own style and we assure you that he will not be involved in the operations or in profit sharing.

Advantages of Mainland Company Registration:

  • No limitations in getting employment visas.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Great variety of license types & activities.
  • Ability to set up a business in any part of UAE.
  • Advanced telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Cutting-edge roads system and public transportation.


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